2017 (November): [something cool is in progress]

2017 (October): iMessage Stickers Pack: Just Colors
One Color is all you need to express your emotions and show the whole world around you!
Show your creativity, be a Minimalist - express your emotion with just a color.

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2017 (August): iMessage App: iVibrio
iMessage application - Compose haptic & vibro melody. You can compose your own haptic effects and share this "touch" feeling with anyone.

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2017 (June): Fidget Fingers Spinner
Fidget Fingers Spinner is the most realistic simulator ever. Together with augmented reality, haptic feedback and realistic sound it provides the most natural experience possible

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2017 (May): Shake it
Shake it till you make it - shake your phone for 10 seconds really hard to get summary score really high. Participate in top scores, compete with your friends - challenge your friends.
You might consider buying additional, 11-th second if you are competitive enough and need some extra time to score ;)

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2017 (Mar-Apr): Scream to Fly (2 iOS Apps)
Scream to make the bird fly and checkout your selfie! This game incorporates all the best in original bird games and new hot trend - scream to jump: scream to fly your bird. Scream to fly, it makes selfie during the Game Over situation, you can save it locally or share it with friend on the Facebook. Participate in top scores in your country - be the first! Tap name to change it, but be wise. Rate the app and provide the feedback if you want the next version.

How it works: keep silence when the app is starting and during the "calibration" (it measures the background noise), scream when you see "scream to start", keep screaming when you want your bird fly higher or keep silence if you want the gravitation to make it's work.
tech stack: Swift, SpriteKit, AWS, DynamoDB
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2017 (Jan-Feb): Bubble Wrap - Bubble Wrap app (2 iOS Apps)
True Bubble Wrap is the most efficient bubble wrap simulator ever, which adopts such technologies as new generation of 3d touch together with Haptic Feedback. As a result you can literally see and feel how you are "popping the bubble" by increasing the pressure on the screen. Moreover this is absolutely green and eco-friendly application, you do not need to waste the real bubble wrap when you have so much realistic and satisfying experience available on the go.
This cutting edge application is a profound way to relieve the stress and to save the planet.

tech stack: Swift, SpriteKit, AWS, DynamoDB, 3d touch, haptic feedback
more details: free app and pro app

2016: Raspberry Pi - smart home, IoT
The very beginning:

#raspberrypi - blink #epic led from iPhone

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2016: WTRTRQ - Water Tracker (iOS App)
About: Water Tracker will help with tracking your daily water intake, reminders, it can also calculate how much water do you need to stay hydrated depending on your weight and physical activity. You can easily manage your daily goal and track the history.
tech stack: swift, aws dynamo db

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2014-2015: I've been working on swiss/californian start up
As a part of team (8-10 persons) have been working on a social media mobile application.
Founding Member.
Start up had several series of investements, and it is still up and running, has engineering offices in several contries.
tech stack: NodeJs, AWS: OpsWorks, docker, elastic beanstalk, mongo db, loopback strongloop, GoCD

2012-2013: Apartments list aggregator
Website that aggregates apartment listings with innovative design, UX and approach to search and display appartments.
Approach was cloned by competitor during the negotiation about acquisition, deprecated.
tech stack: twitter bootstrap, NodeJs, MongoDB

2011-2012: Start up about button
New way to monetize video and other content. Still up and running.
Was part of distributed team.
tech stack: ruby on rails, angular

2009-2011: Social Platform start up
Media portal with formidable number of users. Sold to competitor.
tech stack: php, python, perl, my sql

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