Scream to Fly

Scream to make the bird fly and checkout your selfie! This game incorporates all the best in original bird games and new hot trend - scream to jump: scream to fly your bird. Scream to fly, it makes selfie during the Game Over situation, you can save it locally or share it with friend on the Facebook. Participate in top scores in your country - be the first! Tap name to change it, but be wise. Rate the app and provide the feedback if you want the next version.

How it works: keep silence when the app is starting and during the "calibration" (it measures the background noise), scream when you see "scream to start", keep screaming when you want your bird fly higher or keep silence if you want the gravitation to make it's work.


For the support please use: "info (d_o_g)" with the subject "ScreamTyFly: ..."