Mikita Manko

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- swift/iOS development, UX&development for smart watches, xamarin
- AWS: mobile hub, dynamo db, redshift, kinesis, opsworks
- Internet of things, raspberry pi, node-red
- big data, data lakes, hadoop streaming, solr
- blockchain, frequency trading, tensorflow

Proficiency: JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, Swift, UX&UI, Mobiles, Clouds (GCP, AWS), Processes, complex systems.

2018: Solution Architect. Google App Maker, G Suite, Google Cloud Platform.

2016: Relocated to Seattle, Washington...

2013: I am Lead Software Engineer at Epam Systems, currently working as a vendor at some cool company with free food in the office in California. My current technology stack is: JavaScript, AngularJs, Python, Java.

2010: Before my relocation to USA, I had been working as a contractor developer at Viacom and was fortunate enough to participate in the development of a wide variety high load social applications, using top-notch technologies and practices. Working shoulder to shoulder with highly skilled team I am always ready to learn and share my knowledge. I was focused on .Net technologies (C#, MVC), high performance JavaScript (development of UI widgets and client-side performance optimization) and nosql databases (mongo db, cassandra).

2007: first "commercial" line of code (first job/got payed)

2001: first line of code ever

I am always ready to learn and to use new technologies and solutions.

Contacts: gmail (the dоg),  LinkedInFacebookTwitterHabrahabrBlog.